DLM 2014 Conference Tutorials

11 November 2014 (14:00h-17:30h)

Tutorial 1 - “MoReq Fundamentals" (Jon Garde)

Information Governance – a definition of what this term means and why the DLM Forum has adopted it and is now undertaking a programme of activities in this area;

The motivations, objectives and an update on the actual status and adoption of MoReq201


12 November 2014 (09:00h-12:30h)

Tutorial 2 - "Advanced Records Management"

Part 1 - "Beyond MoReq2010 – the roadmap for MoReq"  (Jon Garde)

Beyond MoReq2010 – the roadmap for MoReq:

      • An insight into the DLM Forum’s future plans for its specification of modular requirements for records systems;
      • The testing and certification programme, educational initiatives, and other activities.

Part 2: "Multi-Repository Information Governance in a Cloudy World” (Mike Alsup)

Enterprise information management and content governance has become much more challenging with advancements of Cloud computing, social communities, Apps, and the increased use of collaboration technologies, because information management policy needs to be consistently applied in so many more repositories. Everyone recognizes the need for governance to be extended to all of these repositories, but many organizations are still looking for a single governance "ring to rule them all". That is, a single platform to own the enforcement of information policy across multiple platforms. Wrapping all of these environments into an enterprise information management solution is a competition between several alternative approaches marketed by Cloud-based file sharing vendors, the legacy ECM vendors, federation and search vendors and Microsoft. Mr. Alsup will discuss the pro's and con's of each approach and the likely winners.

This session will also describe best practices for the planning, infrastructure, and standards for content governance and records management derived from very large scale implementations.  It will also provide our lessons learned as the developers of the only certified records management products inside SharePoint in North America.  We will also update the audience on requirements and issues we have seen in moving to SharePoint 2013, both on-premise and in Office 365, and the requirements for hybrid content governance in SharePoint that spans both environments. 





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